We would love to hear from you, our valued customer!

"I thought I'd drop you a quick line to let you know how happy I am with your product and service. The drop ship went smoothly and the customer is a very happy camper. Shes singing my praises, but you made it happen. Thank you. I hope we have a long and profitable relationship together."
   - Thanks Bunches! Judy R.

"I recently purchased a bunch of your products, both personal care and household cleaning and let me first say that I am very, very happy with the quality of all your items and friends who have visited have commented on your soaps and hand lotions and I have given them your website info. Your glass cleaner is THE BEST and I have tried them all, I have huge windows and tons of them, mirrored closet doors and a 1 year old daughter! You can imagine the amount of glass I need to clean."
   - Thanks! Leila

"Thank you for your help with my order, as you can see I'm new to computers! I've tried many different soaps over the years, but yours was unique and worked! I have sensitive skin & a lot of soaps irritated my skin. Your bar soap & laundry detergent really helps my problem!"
   - Helen W. from Akron, OH

"I usually buy name brand detergents from the local grocery store, but I thought I would try something different for a change. I saw one of your ads in a weekly publication, so I went to your website and was impressed with the "natural" idea. I ordered a box of your laundry detergent and tried it out. I really loved it! My clothes came out nice and clean and smelled fresh. I think I will be ordering your fabric softener next, because I love the smell of lavender. Thanks for a great product!"
   - Stephanie M. from Cincinnati, OH

"I have been using your fabric softener, bar soaps, and laundry detergent for about 6 months now and really like them. It's nice to know there are companies like yours that really care about the environment and using natural ingredients..."
   - Kate W. from Jacksonville, FL

"Nice touch with your packaging...fabric softener works great... Thanks!"
   - Marvin from Colorado

"Since I have been introduced to your company I have been an admirer of your honest and straight forward approach to your products! I have found them to work the way you say and at a very fair price compared to the hype and cost on some other websites. The last order I placed I even received a credit on my shipping cost! Thank you for the honesty."
   - This was a nice letter from one of our wholesalers. Thank You very much!

"I've sold all of the powdered laundry soap -- 2 people are repeat buyers who have used the powdered laundry soap and seem to really like it. And me, I like it too. One of my 2 repeat customers was in yesterday to get some & I only had the liquid. They bought it and promised to let me know how they liked it. I have sold one bottle of the orange concentrate cleaner and that man loved it but he is on disability and and says he can't afford to buy more. I told him if he sells 6 bottles for me I'll give him one. I only have one in stock but you may hear from me that I need more if he comes through for me. :) I also have a customer who uses the softener because of the lavender scent. Lavender has a calming effect on Autistic children."
   - Thank You for listening! Pat M.

"Thank You for your generosity in assisting the Batesville area Ministerial Association food pantry during Easter. Your donation of 71 boxes of laundry detergent truly blesses the lives of our clients. The pantry has served more than 100 families per month over the past year. Your support & kindness is very much appreciated."
   - Kathy W. Coordinator of Volunteers, Batesville Area Pantry