What is Soap & Soap History

According to an ancient roman legend soap got it's name from Mt. Sapo, where they sacrificed animals. Mt Sapo means Mt Soap in latin. According to the legend rain washed a mixture of wood ashes and tallow which is melted animal fat into clay soil along the Tiber river. Women found the mixture of clay made the wash cleaner and the job easier.

Soapmaking is basically the same as it was 2 thousand years ago. In a chemical reaction called saponification a vegetable oil is combined with a solution of water & alkali (sodium or pottasium hydroxide) to produce soap & glycerin. Glycerin is typically separated out of commercial soap and removed. Glycerin remains in our soap contributing emollient properties to the finished product.

Many people are seeking alternatives to synthetic detergent soaps, and natural soaps are idea! It's formulated with pure natural ingredients & can be tailored to fit different skin types!

This soap will not dry out the skin like normal detergent soaps.

Made from a generations old recipe, in small handmade batches just like it was made 100's of years ago!

Made from pure organic oils of coconut, palm kernel, olive and castor bean, with the fragrant smell of pure aromatherapy quality essential oils from around the world!

A great moisturizing soap with natural glycerin for clean, soft and nourished skin!

A Vegetarian soap with no animal products or testing and of the purest quality.

Natural soap made without detergents, artificial fragrances, Preservatives, or coloring.

An exceptionally gentle soap that can be used on delicate complexions.

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