All-Natural HandCrafted Bar Soap 8 Pack

All-Natural HandCrafted Bar Soap 8 Pack

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Handcrafted, just like it was made 100's of years ago, for the mildest soap for your sensitive skin!

Made from a pure hypoallergenic base of organic coconut, palm kernel, olive and castor bean, with the fragrance of pure aromatherapy essential oils! Essential oil of Rosemary is used as a natural preservative & Fragrance!

There are no artificial fragrances, colors or preservatives in our natural soaps!

Poured into wooden molds and wire cut into soap bars, aged 1 Month to cure, for a long lasting bar with lots of lather!

No animal products, by-products or animal testing! Cruelty Free!

A great moisturizing soap with natural glycerin for clean, soft and nourished skin, facial quality bars!

Our process keeps in the natural glycerin that is taken out in commercially processed "Soaps", glycerin helps to draw moisture to the skin to combat dryness. Most Commercial "Soaps" in the market today are actually detergents, not true soap!

Exceptionally gentle soaps that can be used on delicate complexions.

A long lasting hard bar soap!

Made in the USA Quality Product!

Item# 1010 8 /4 oz Bars

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