Natural Lemon-Lime Floor & Surface Cleaner 32oz

Natural Lemon-Lime Floor & Surface Cleaner 32oz

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Ultra-Concentrated Formula! The Ultimate in Cleaning Performance!

Lemon-Lime Scent

Customizable solution can be diluted to almost any concentration! *A splash of concentrate per gallon! *Less than an ounce for basic cleaning. Will make over 30 Gallons of solution for general cleaning!
Contains a Natural Base of environmentally friendly surfactants made from regrowable raw materials, glucose from corn and fatty alcohols from coconut and palm kernel oils. Because of its Natural Green Chemistry it is very mild and readily biodegradable and VOC exempt!

Contains an Alkyl Polyglucoside mixture, glycerin, Lemon Limonene and Lemon-Lime Oil.
Provides excellent detergency and exhibits superior wetting and dispersing properties for increased soil removal & emulsification! Non-Streaking, non-filming, and non-stress cracking of cleaned surfaces.

Use in applications from floor cleaners to pressure washers.

Use in Industrial and Institutional Applications, commercial, farm & residential cleaning. Cleans glass, ceramic, plastics, metals, concrete, wood floors etc...

Save Money and replace a whole list of other cleaners with just 1!

Green Certified! Our Seal of Quality!

Please Recycle for a clean world!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Quality Made in the USA! Cruelty Free!

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