Natural Toilet Bowl Spray Cleaner 32oz.946ml

Natural Toilet Bowl Spray Cleaner 32oz.946ml

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A natural and powerful scrubbing cleanser to dissolve stubborn stains and eliminate odors without harsh chemicals! Order Today!

Completely biodegradable, so it's not harmful to plumbing, septic tanks, or the natural environment!

New! Any Position Sprayer Head will allow you to use this sprayer Upside down to help remove Stains from under the rim!

Ingredients: Glycolic & Citric acid; Coconut oil based non-ionic surfactant; Xanthan gum & Lemon Essential oil.

How to Use: Spray in Bowl & Under the rim let set a few hours or overnight, clean under the rim and around the Bowl with a toilet bowl brush and flush to finish!

Made in the USA Quality Product!

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